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Friday, May 19, 2017

Exploring in Moab, UT

This past weekend we headed to Moab, Utah with a big group of people and camped out for four days/three nights. I should have googled Moab before we got there because I was shocked! It was unlike any type of landscape I had ever seen. Red Canyons and caves at every turn.... it was so beautiful. The layers of all the rock was incredible and something seeing in person was just mesmerizing. Now, it was hot because we are in the desert but not this Texas girl can handle the heat. The worst part was the WIND.... it brought up all the red dirt and was quite the nuisance. When we got home and cleaned out our pop up camper it was disturbing, the amount of red on all our clothes, towels, pillow cases and lysol wipes... yuck! We will certainly be back because there is so much to do and its only three hours away from Durango, super easy weekend trip. We did something different everyday but theres so much more you can do that we didn't get a chance to. Incase you are ever in Moab or plan on going there I waned to share a few touristy things that we did! 

Friday, May 12

We explored Dead Horse State Park and hiked about 4.5 miles and the views were incredible. We started on the East Rim Trail... crossed over the street and finished on the West Rim Trail where it can kind of get confusing where the trail is so we definitely got off track for a while and started making our trail up, so beware! Check out the images we got below. 

Saturday, May 13 

This day was amazing! We explored Arches National Park all day and it was something to see I must admit. We chose to go see the famous Delicate Arch and the hike was a pretty steady incline but all kinds of shapes and sizes of visitors were doing it, including tons of kiddos. The day we went it was so windy I honestly was getting a little nervous I would blow over on the top... no joke! After we admired the arch we decided to go off on our own (always my husbands idea) and find another little baby arch and I am so glad we did. He always convinces me to do the things I initially don't want to them I am always so glad we did. Life isn't just about the trail everyone else is on... its about finding your own and those are the memories you remember the most.

All of our friends had dirt bikes, ATV's, and side by sides so we got to play with those each day too which made it so fun. We found a cave exploring on the side by side and I wish I would have had my phone to snap some pics. 

If Moab, UT is on your list or you happen to pass through you have to explore the beauty of the red canyons and rocks all around you, its pretty special! 


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