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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stars & Stripes X Boutique Spotlight

The fourth of July is this weekend-ish and everyone is ready to be a LAKE BABE. This year in particular I feel it has come quicker than ever before and Summer in general, ugh before you know it all our sunshine will be bottled up and the leaves will be falling! Ok thats depressing BUT Independence Day really is one of the best holidays since it falls in Summer and usually spent cruising on a boat with people ready to partayyyy and enjoy a mini vacay. With all that though is a deeper meaningful reason on why we rep our red, white and blue. I love recognizing the importance of this holiday and the true honor behind it. I don't know about y'all but every time I see an American flag I always get goosebumps, like always. Even just driving down the highway the other day a construction crew was working on the roads and had one in their equipment flying high and proud. Our freedom is something I will never take for granted and knowing how we are so lucky to live in the USA. 

Here are five fun facts that you may not have known about the Star Spangled Banner!

1.) The original edition can be easily identified by the misprint “A Pariotic Song” in its

     subtitle. (ummmm.... thats embarrassing).
2.) The right-wing ice cream alternative to Ben & Jerry’s is called Star Spangled Ice Cream.
3.) The first sporting event to hear “The Star-Spangled Banner” was a baseball game in
     1862 in Brooklyn, New York. 
4.) The national Anthem actually has four verses (who knew.... we only ever sing one)!
5.) It was written as a poem and later turned into a song... which many still say is very
     difficult to nail the first time.

Now, as for the cute stars and stripes that we get to wear and be festive, I'm sharing some of my favorite affordable finds from three boutiques I wanted to let y'all know about.

RiffRaff is so adorable, if you don't know about them already you have to check them out because you have been missing out, trust me. They carry all kinds of brands and prices and honestly i love them because they have so much TEXAS pride. This Texas girl loves anything with my state name on it (: 

I found out about Pamela's boutique which is based out of Montgomery, AL (physical store and online) from a shirt I saw that said #DogMom and I was like I NEED THAT SHIRT. So... I got it!! Unfortunately they are sold out of that tee at the moment and I don't think they will be restocking but I will keep an eye out for y'all.

Lastly, ThirtyMoon Boutique is a new online retailer based out of Texas. She is just getting started and has lots of colorful pieces. Show her some love!


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