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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Real Life Multitasking... The Struggle Within

Real Life Multitasking... The Struggle Within
Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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Okay, I'm talking about my overwhelming schedule with working a full time job, a weekend job, and keeping up with instagram, my website, posts, engagement, consistency, and just LIFE. Adulting has never felt more out of hand in my life than right now. Honestly.... I feel like I need to talk about how much people don't realize that posting everyday on multiple social media platforms and staying engaged with your blog, instagram, snapchat, twitter, insta stories, etc. is  D R A I N I N G. I laugh because I am so new to this and feel like I am already falling behind, to all of you gals who are insta influencer queens AND have a full time job please treat yourself to some foyo because this is no small task. I think a lot of people think that posting pretty pictures and tagging outfits is easy which okay that does sound easy but its so much more work, time, effort, and brainstorming than you would imagine. Trust me I am learning this as I go... which is probably very relatable to many other girls. I don't think I would be writing this if I had not come back to Alaska for the Summer to work full time but I have, and not just one job, but two. Im very happy to be here short term and for my opportunities and glad it has showed me a new side of how multitasking in life is normal, people do it all the time, with kids and jobs and relationships. I work my 'big girl job' as I like to call it M-F, 8-5 then I work at a cidery every Saturday and Sunday. Time is sure flying and I'm having loads of fun so its very fulfilling... BUT, with all thats going on I'm like SH*T I haven't posted content in like 2 weeks... which mind you, is forever in this niche.

While in Alaska my time (AKST) is much different than the other zones in the Lower 48, when it is Noon here it is 1 PM PST, 2 PM MST, 3 PM CST, and 4 PM EST so I have been relying on posting at 9AM-ish my time to try and hit everyone... which I don't think is really working out for me. I think I am going to adjust, maybe post at 4 PM AKST and see if that helps with my engagement. On top of that, isn't it crazy how much you find yourself relying on others or how much people really help you out when you are put in a different setting that makes you realize exactly that. That kind of sounded confusing... whoops. What I mean is times where your faced with something that's not readily available like it usually is makes you stop, think and admire what that person is doing for you. I've had my moment while being here and WOW my husband does so much for me. It's not like I did not know this before but it lets you respect it even more. I appreciate him everyday and now more than ever! He is not here with me... which bums me out so bad because he is always snapping my candid pics. He is my photographer, my right hand, my support, my motivator and best friend. We aren't professionals at this (that's for sure) but we have so much fun shooting looks or snapping iPhone pics when we are out. I feel that I have been striped of that while here because I can't have that everyday. I keep feeling like I want to share what I'm wearing to work everyday because I really think y'all would enjoy it and its different look of what I've posted in the past or more routinely. I find myself getting home and being like O.K. I could take a selfie OOTD... but y'all know its never the same or near as good. So that has really been bugging me. 

Getting my insta pics is something I knew would be a struggle when I chose to come up here for a couple months but I'm just realizing first hand how much harder it is to do this with no one but yourself. Here I find myself laughing again because this is not a 'job' for me, in the aspect of earnings, I make no money.... I'm not monetizing anything. My ultimate goal is to make it on so Im really eager to achieve that but it's also so fun for me, I purely enjoy sharing my looks with the world, I want to show y'all how I pair an outfit, and it just comes natural to me so I love, love, l o v e it! I sure hope one day I can earn some money because how awesome would be doing what you love and being able to have date night with your earnings! I am finding the market is so saturated and it just takes that extra special content or networking to fully get there. I'm trying to be as real as I can because thats what is most relatable to y'all. I love when I can appreciate a post from someone and be like wow I get exactly what you mean. I think its human instinct to relate with someone when your feeling stressed, knowing you could be doing better, exhausted or just out of touch it feels good to know your not the only one. 

Ive been in Alaska for a month now and I am up here for about another month so Im already trying to brainstorm how I can bring content, outfits and keep up with my posts moving forward. A local photographer would be a good start (: HA!

Sometimes you just have to start writing exactly how you are feeling and dealing with life right now and thats what this post was... to let y'all know I love this so much and appreciate all my followers thus far!! I want to bring you more of me and felt the need to explain why I feel like I'm slipping currently. 

I have had a lot of fun so far making things in my closet work for the corporate world again, like this two piece set, which is a crop top and skirt but V appropriate for the work place. Its no longer available through Anthro but I have linked some other sets (below these pics) that you can wear to work during the day AND to happy hour after (: 

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