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Friday, September 8, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

I spent Labor Day weekend in Atlanta for a girls trip and the Alabama V. Florida State University football game and it was during the worst part of Hurricane Harvey. I felt horrible going off and having fun but, this was out of my control and now I wish more than ever I could be home helping my sister-in-law and brother with the demo of her mom's house. Her mom got over two feet of water in her house and its going to take months to make it livable again. In case you weren't aware Texas is my favorite state (duh!) and Houston is MY city.... that place is paradise to me. Maybe not to many but growing up outside of it, I love the 8 lane highways, shopping galore, amazing food, walking trails and the friendliness of all the residents. Seeing the destruction from afar seems unimaginable but getting pictures from your family of what they are experiencing hits even harder. I know each of us somehow have a friend, family member, co worker, long lost cousin, ex-roomate you name it who was probably affected so if you have been gracious to donate anything I want to thank you so much! I really wanted to share three opportunities that I am SO PASSIONATE about to give back to those who have months maybe a year ahead of them before they have a roof over their head again or any type of normalcy, pets included. 

JJ Watt Houston Flood Relief Fund - Houston Texans Defensive End 
Y'all his goal was $200,000 when he created his YouCaring website... Now he has collected over 29 Million dollars as of today !! That seems UNREAL. This man is so unbelievably caring and has always put the community first. As a Houston Texan football player and as a Houstonian he is so giving and his outreach has pulled in over $195,000+ donors. If you are able to help go here to donate ! 

Lucy Pet Products
This company has stole my heart and this is currently what our dog, Penni is eating. LPP is a family owned business whose mission is to reduce pet overpopulation and the euthanasia of over 80,000 cats and dogs per week in the United States. Their food is incredible for our fur babies and the president has been making and perfecting his dog food recipe for over 30 years. Zero ingredients are from China, manufactured in the US only and contains an exclusive prebiotic fiber which has breakthrough nutritional advancements for optimized digestion and gut health. Once you check them out you will want to switch your current food you are on right now because its such a good company. Check all about them here.

To help Donate through the Lucy Pet Foundation go here

My Sister-in-Law's Mother's Home Fund
It always stings a little more when family is affected by a natural disaster or catastrophic event. My Brother's wife's mom was flooded out in Harvey and they have been working everyday to remove everything, clear out all drywall up to four feet and completely strip the house down to nothing. She had over two feet of water in her house and it is completely devastating. She is unable to help because she is too weak from just finishing up chemotherapy for her battle with Ovarian Cancer earlier this year and she is a fighter! I wish more than anything I could be helping them in HTX. She is an amazing single mom and my SIL has started a fund to help her get back on her feet. If you want to help please find her page here !! Check out some images from her house below.


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