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Monday, November 6, 2017

FP Sweater Weather STEALS

How has it been a month since I did a blog post?? WOW!! October went by so fast I can't believe it, we were in Hawaii for eleven days of it and I think that is what made it fly by. Here in Colorado Fall is in full swing and actually is just about over, at least here in Durango we barely have any more fall color trees, ugh. I wish it would have lasted longer but that just means holidays are just around the corner which is the best time of the year, for sure! I have recently gotten so many FP sweaters to add to my growing collection and scored so many good deals all from Macy's.  I wanted to share some that I have recently bought or ones that I love and keep in my cart at all times that are all UNDER $100. I personally think Free People makes the best sweaters e v e r. They can be pricey so I always try and get them on sale at Macy's or at NordRack because they always fit so dang good. Can we talk about Macy's real quick because I feel like no one thinks of that retailer any more.... or maybe that's just what I think. I seriously find such good sales and deals there it makes me feel like I'm stealing so I wanted to share these with you guys so all the sweater sales below are all Free People and most are from Macy's but a couple from other retailers. It seems like the selection at Nordstrom can get so over picked and the sizes go so fast that I never get what I want and Macy's always has so many sizes in stock I like to consider it my little secret online retailer. A lot of these below are an additional 20% off at Macy's with promo code SAVEBIG and the sale ends Tuesday so don't wait! See links and deals below.

Shop sweaters in order from IG story !!

1) FP 'Take Me Over' Oversized sweater  (I have this in White only $64 w/ promo code SAVEBIG)
2) FP 'Take me Over' Oversized sweater  (Pink only $48 bucks w/ promo code SAVE BIG)
3) FP 'Chamomile Oversized-Sleeve' Cardigan (Brand New Style and Comes in Ivory and Orange for only $75)
4) FP 'Sleeves Glorious Cropped Sweater' w/ Velvet bell sleeves (Comes in Pink and Black only $57)
5) FP 'All About You' Striped Sweater ($59 with promo code GOBIG, I have this in XS)
6) FP 'Skyscrapper Sleevless Sweater' (new style this season, $49)
7) FP 'Snowbird Turtleneck Cable-Knit' Sweater ($67 with promo code SAVEBIG)
8) FP 'Park City' Turtleneck Sweater ( $63 I have this one in Ivory - XS, Dark Blue one is on sale!)
9) FP 'Velvet Dreams' Cowl Neck Sweater (I have this one in Gold, $ 91!)
10) FP 'Halo Sweater' (I have this one in XS, whopping $39!)

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