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Hi & welcome! I'm Kristyn, a twenty-something gal living in the adorable town of Durango, CO with my husband and our fur-baby. Being in love with fashion and always online shopping, I decided to start The Blonde Times... a creative place to share things that I love, my real life adventures and what inspires me. My inspiration comes from The New York Times, a consolidated spot to share my personal style, outfits, travels, activities, favorite recipes, and anything else that motivates me. I have always been addicted to clothes and have the most fun putting together outfits and pairing items that don't always seem to make sense but end up being stylish and cute. Mixing and matching is my favorite but most importantly I dress each day in sync with my mood. I find myself inclined to choose my outfit based off how I am feeling, usually unplanned and always making sure I am comfortable and confident. Thank you so much for following along, your support and engagement with The Blonde Times encourages me greatly and is very much appreciated. 


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